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Covid vaccine must in this Maha city to get ration

Covid vaccine must in this Maha city to get ration

COVID-19 cases have been decreasing in many areas across the country. But, there are a few states in the country where a significant number of cases have been reported. Hence, COVID-19 restrictions have not been lifted completely in those places.

Aurangabad in Maharashtra is one of them. Here COVID-19 restrictions are continued. As a result, businesses in this city are affected.

Hotels and restaurants are majorly affected due to these curbs. Hence, the district authorities issued new guidelines.

As per the new guidelines, those who do not get two doses of vaccination will not be able to get many basic facilities. They will not be able to buy petrol, diesel, ration, gas, and even liquor.

The District Collector Sunil Chavan announced the new restrictions after the meeting of the District Task Force of Aurangabad. He said that those who do not get complete vaccination in the city will not be able to get access to many facilities.

He said that the vaccination target has to be achieved by March 15 to lift the curbs and end the lockdown. So, vaccination has been made mandatory for people to get all essential things in the city.

The restrictions are more stringent this time as the electricity department also joined them. So, if these people have any electrical issues in their homes, no electrician will attend to those works.

Despite several appeals made by the authorities, many people in the city did not take both doses of vaccine. It contributes to the increase of COVID-19 cases. Hence, they decided to implement strict measures.

The police have been deployed at petrol pumps to avoid untoward incidents. In addition to that, a medical team will also be ready to administer vaccines on the spot to those who want to get them.

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