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Congress launches Indira Canteens in Bengaluru

Congress launches Indira Canteens in Bengaluru

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President of AICC inaugurated Indira canteens in Bengaluru.

Initially 101 canteens are planned to launch and one was launched by him in the morning and the remaining units started functioning from the evening.

Rahul Gandhi got confused some times in his speech, but successfully launched the Indira canteens.

The Indira canteens are intended to serve breakfast for ₹5 and lunch and dinner for ₹10.

After launching the unit, Rahul Gandhi stated that no one in Bengaluru would go hungry.

More units will be opened in the remaining parts of the city from October 2 to mark the 150 birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

The subsidized canteens will serve breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Initially the name of the canteens was proposed as ‘Namma canteen’ but it was changed to ‘Indira canteen’.

Though BJP supported the scheme, the leaders did not attend the programme by opposing the name.

It also criticized the scheme saying that the Congress rushed into scheme without checking with the public or the opposition parties.

Even the land acquired for operating canteens also led to a controversy by opposition parties.

However, the Congress wants to meet the deadline as it stated earlier and launched the canteens as per the proposal. The programme was designed similar to Amma canteens in Tamil Nadu. It is intended to attract the urban poor as the elections are approaching in a year.

Amma Canteen was launched by the Tamil Nadu government in 2013 to provide subsidized food in the state operating canteens at low prices.

The Indira canteen launching programme was accompanied by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Every unit of the canteen can be built in eight days using pre-cast technology.

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