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Chandrayaan-2 called off

Chandrayaan-2 called off

Chandrayaan-2, the Moon Mission was called off before the launch due to a ‘technical snag’.

In this context, former ISRO chief K Madhavan Nair recalled that Chandrayaan-1, the first mission to the Moon too had experienced a similar problem shortly before the rocket could blast off.

However, the scientists rectified the error and conducted the mission as planned on the same day.

Chandrayaan-1 detected water in vapour form on the lunar surface while making over 3,400 orbits around the Moon during its operational life of 312 days.

Chandrayaan-2, the successor to the Chandrayaan-1 mission was to attempt a soft land of a rover on the south pole of the Moon. It was scheduled to spend 14 Earth days to check for more water reserves.

Before its lift-off early Monday, the Mission was aborted before 56 minutes and 24 seconds due to a technical glitch in the launch vehicle system.

Hence, it was called off for now. However, the nature of the problem was not specified by scientists in detail.

In this regard, the former ISRO chief Nair made remarkable comments saying that such glitches just before the launch are not “uncommon”.

Even Chandrayaan-1 had also experienced a problem before its blastoff which was identified and rectified by the scientists to perform the mission successfully as planned.

Nair added that the scientists found leakage when pressurising one of the gas bottles with reference to Chandrayaan-2. The scientists are working where exactly is the problem to take corrective action.

He also said that the success rate of the Moon mission is around 60 per cent as they are very complex. Satellite launching is easier than lunar missions.

Yet, due to the experience of Indian scientist over the decades, the success rate has been improving.

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