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The Indian scientist who deserves more attention

The Indian scientist who deserves more attention

There are many well-known scientists who hailed from India. Their work changed the entire world. From 6th century mathematician Aryabhatta to Nobel Laureate CV Raman, there were many who helped the world with their innovations. They were greatly honored for their achievements. They received many awards and their books are also quite famous. But, do you know that there is an Indian scientist who deserves great recognition?

Dr. Yellapragada Subbarao is a scientist who made revolutions in the field of medicine. However, he never got the attention he deserved.

Born in Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh in 1895, Dr. Subbarao came from many hardships right from his childhood. With this hard work, he got an education. After matriculation, he got himself enrolled in Madras Medical College. Due to his poor financial condition, he needed the support of friends and Kasturi Suryanarayana Murthy who became his father-in-law later.

Despite his good performance, his British professor only awarded him a lesser LMS degree instead of a full MBBS. After that, Subbarao got interested in Ayurveda. So he became a Lecturer in Anatomy at Dr. Lakshmipathi’s Ayurvedic College. With the help of his father in law, he went to study in the US.

He took admission in the Harvard School of Tropical Medicine. With his discovery of the Fiske-Subbarao method he started his string of successes. The method helps estimate the amount of phosphorous in body fluids and tissues.

His discoveries didn’t stop there. He even discovered the ATP molecule and Aureomycin. It is an antibiotic stronger than both penicillin and streptomycin. Subbarao was also responsible for developing Methotrexate, one of the first chemotherapy agents which is still widely used.

He also introduced Hetrazen, a drug which helps treat fibrosis in animals. He even helped in the US medical research during World War II.

Even with all that work, he did not receive much attention. He didn’t win the Nobel Prize or anything equivalent. It can be said that his name took a backseat compared to others. Subbarao passed away on August 9, 1948.

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