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Certificate and diploma courses in RTI from IGNOU

Certificate And Diploma Courses In RTI From IGNOU

The social significance of Right to Information Act has been changing over the years. Keeping in mind this fact, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) will soon be offering certificate and diploma courses in RTI. The offering of these courses is being supported by the Central Information Commission (CIC). The courses will become mandatory part for training for all Central Government employees soon.

Vice Chancellor of IGNOU, Nageshwar Rao stated that many people despite knowing that they can seek certain information through RTI are not familiar with the technicalities like how to go through the process, the framing of the questions. Many people do not even know how and where to make further appeals and information like that.

He added that IGNOU has decided to offer the course keeping in mind the societal relevance. They even talked with the CIC commissioner in order to get their support for the proposal.

Various experts from CIC are being approached by the Faculty of Public Administration at IGNOU’s School of Social Sciences in order to make the content and curriculum of the course as relevant as possible.

IGNOU plans to launch the certificate course by July 2016 cycle. However, when it comes to the diploma course, they are planned to launch it from the January 2017 cycle. Every year, there will be fresh enrolments twice.

IGNOU has already decided on the details regarding the Post Graduate Diploma in Right to Information (PGDRTI). It was stated that they are still in the process of drafting the certificate courses. This course will be a programme which consists of 36 credits comprising 4 Elective Courses and a field based project.

The course will be made mandatory for employees of the Central Government employees to pursue. However, it is open for everyone including the prisoners. For more details about the courses, you can visit the website of IGNOU.

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