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Ban on fire crackers in Lucknow

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Air pollution has been increasing in all major cities of India. Though the vehicle emissions and industrial pollutants seem to be the main reason for increasing pollution, there are many other reasons as well for the increasing pollution.

Lack of awareness in people among the pollution is another major reason. Bursting fire crackers with ignorance and carelessness come under this category.

As there is a ban on fire crackers in the Nation’s Capital which is going on, now it is the turn of Lucknow.

The air quality in Delhi has been deteriorating, hence bursting fire crackers has been banned in Lucknow. This is applicable to all celebrations including wedding.

The ban came into force from yesterday and will continue till January 15, 2018.

District Magistrate Kaushalraj Sharma has passed the orders to ban fire crackers in Lucknow. The process of awareness on the ill effects of smoke on the environment has been initiated and has been spreading through the community radio.

As per the reports, section 144 has been imposed by the UP government in order to make sure people follow these orders and do not burst crackers.

The UP Chief Minister earlier ordered the municipal corporations not to burn garbage in the state. He also ordered civic authorities to sprinkle water to control dust that causes the air pollution.

Other measures include proper traffic control to avoid traffic jams, reviewing old vehicles to check whether they are increasing air pollution and awareness programs via Radio and FM channels.

The CM also wants this matter to be discussed with the experts from IIT Kanpur. As per his opinion, rather than implementing a fine, officials should visit the spot to monitor the activities.

Delhi’s air quality improved a little bit two days ago, but reached to ‘hazardous’ state yesterday. Its air quality index was in the ‘very poor’ zone at 363.

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