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Air India offers on last-minute bookings

Air India offers on last-minute bookings

Normally, last-minute ticket bookings in flights attract higher prices than pre-bookings.

But, Air India on Friday announced that the last-minute ticket bookings would be cheaper as it is going to offer huge discounts under a new scheme.

The discounts vary, but they could go as high as 40 per cent.

The new scheme will be coming into effect from Saturday.

Under this scheme, the seats that are available within three hours of departure would be sold at huge discounts. The discount fare is applicable to only domestic flights and for economy class travel.

The move of Air India is likely to impact other airlines and motivate them to keep their fares low as well.

In the last week, Air India announced that it was putting away ₹500 crore to bring at least 19 of the grounded jet flights into operations.

The national carrier has 19 aircrafts grounded at present due to various reasons especially due to expensive spare parts and engine overhauls.

But, the demand has increased due to peak travel season. Hence, the airline has to spend at least ₹500 crore to get the grounded fleet into operations.

In order to meet market demand and improve its market share, the airline carrier has strategically deployed its aircraft. Yet, it needs more fleet that are grounded. This is essential to increase their market share.

In this context, it expects at least two aircrafts to join the fleet within a few days.

In the meantime, the Jet Airways staff said that they are ready to work for less salary as they want the airline to return back to operations. They met the Maharashtra Chief Minister and informed this and the CM has assured them that the government will look at the matter after May 23 after the completion of whole process of elections.

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