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Agni V missile soon to be inducted – Can reach Chinese cities

Agni V missile soon to be inducted – Can reach Chinese cities

Currently, India is inducting its first batch of Agni-V, its intercontinental ballistic missile system. The Agni-V missile system has a strike range of 5,000 kilometers.

It is capable of carrying nuclear warheads over this distance. Agni-V is in the process of being inducted into the elite Strategic Forces Command (SFC). The missiles in this system are capable of targeting different places in China.

This includes the country’s prominent cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The Agni-V missile system has been successfully test-fired, and it is expected to be a significant boost to the military prowess of India.

Agni-V recently had its successful test-fire off of the coast of Odisha. A number of other tests will be conducted before the induction of the missile system.

The Agni-V is the most advanced weapon in its series. It is equipped with the latest technologies for navigation.

Also, its capability of carrying a nuclear warhead is superior to the other weapons. Its 5,000-kilometer range is the longest out of all the Agni missiles.

The Agni-1 has a range of 700 kilometers, the Agni-2 has a range of 2,000 kilometers, and both the Agni-3 and Agni-4 have ranges between 2,500 kilometers and 3,500 kilometers.

Since the test-fires of the Agni-V have been successful, it will soon be officially inducted into the SFC.

This missile system is being inducted at a very important time, since India is witnessing some evolving security threats. There are very few other countries who have intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Other countries with intercontinental ballistic missiles include the United States, France, Russia, China, and North Korea.

The government of India is continuing to work on projects to enhance the defensive capabilities of the country, including both this Agni-V missile system and the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile.

These projects will ensure the safety and the military prowess of India.

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