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72 percent people satisfied with Modi’s government

72 percent of respondents satisfied with Modi’s government

Over 72 percent of individuals surveyed in an opinion poll regarding whether they were happy with the performance of the NDA government with fifty six percent stating that Narendra Modi was an efficient prime minister who had helped improve India’s image globally.

The survey by the CNN-IBN and IBN 7 news channels stated that the respondents had shown “strong faith” within the Modi government with sixty one percent saying that the National Democratic Alliance government has improved their financial condition whereas sixty three percent stated India’s economy had started going up throughout the last one year.

A release said the survey was conducted by Axis MyIndia across twenty three states and more than one hundred fifty five districts with a sample size of 20,00 across all age groups and sections with a seventy to thirty urban-rural spread.

The press release has stated that the survey found that people have an amazing support for Modi. Over seventy two percent of the respondents stated that they’re happy with the performance of the Modi government on account of development, skillful governance and lower costs within the previous year. Fifty-six percent of the sample believes that Narendra Modi is an efficient prime minister and has helped improve India’s image globally.

Image Credit: Narendra Modi / CC BY-SA 2.0

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Narendra_Modi_at_the_BJP_Public_Meeting.jpg

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