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50% of new COVID-19 cases are just in 5 states

50% of new Covid-19 cases are just in 5 states

Ever since the lockdown was eased, life in India has been returning to normal with active cases falling to 6.25 lakh as of Monday.

However, the government has stated that nearly 50 per cent of the new COVID-19 cases have been detected in five states – Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi.

Even as average daily testing remained at around 11 lakh samples, health ministry data suggested that the average daily new COVID-19 cases dropped from 83,232 during September 23-29 to 49,909 during October 21-27.

36,470 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Monday when the testing was increased slightly to 9.58 lakh samples compared to 9.39 lakh a day ago.

Even though it remained below 10 lakhs which was attributed to Dusshera celebrations, it is to be noted that the number of the novel coronavirus infections reported on Monday was the lowest in three months since July 17.

A lesser number of new cases were reported on Monday, as compared to the previous three days in Delhi. Yet it registered a high positive rate along with Kerela and Maharashtra and is doing nothing to alleviate the concerns of a disastrous second peak.

The weekly positive rate in Delhi was at 7 per cent while the cumulative positive rate was 8.06 per cent.

The government is alarmed and is warning people and officials not to drop their guard considering the second peak in many European countries and even a third peak in the United States.

Dr VK Paul, a member of Niti Aayog has stated that the second peak in the countries where the number of cases is rising is higher than the original one. He added that a lesson must be learnt so that India does not repeat the same mistakes.

He further went on to express his relief that the trend in India was in the opposite direction.

There was an improvement of the situation except in two or three states while there is a huge increase in the severity of the pandemic in many other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

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