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Ways to prevent Osteoporosis

Ways to prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, the degradation and weakening of the bones, is one of the most uncomfortable conditions one can experience.

Even sitting and standing are impossible to do without feeling in pain. On average, over 10% of people past age 50 experience osteoporosis.

However, it is not an inevitable condition; it can be avoided by taking several measures to prevent it.

These measures are best taken at a younger age, before most people begin to experience osteoporosis.

Diet is important to the maintenance of healthy bones, of course, but recent studies have unveiled that the most important thing for maintaining strong bone structure is exercise.

Bones work by restructuring themselves based on the diet and activity levels of the body. A recent study of 2,500 women showed that even one or two minutes of exercise per day can help increase the strength of one’s bones, and can also help minimize the risk of bone fracture at an older age.

Short spans of intense activity are most helpful to bone structure, such as a two-minute sprint or a short jog. Weightlifting for two minutes per day can also increase bone healthiness by about 4%.

Also, avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and extensive inactivity, which are all risks to the healthiness of one’s bone structure.

Exercises for more than two minutes are actually even more helpful, as they can increase the health of one’s bone structure by about 6%. However, long, continuous exercises are not as beneficial to the bones as short, intense exercises.

Staying inactive, however, is worse than both of those options, as this study shows that activity is vital to the maintenance of bone health.

Maintaining bone health at a young age can greatly reduce the risk of both osteoporosis and bone fractures during old age.

Therefore, in order to look forward to a comfortable life in the future, it is important to live a more rigorous life in the present.

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