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Useful herbs for toothache

Useful herbs for toothache

There are many reasons for tooth pain. Most of the times, people are not aware about proper maintenance of teeth. This is the main reason for the tooth pain. Other reasons include gum infection, cavities, broken tooth, sinus, etc.

Brushing your teeth twice and flossing in between meals helps you maintain proper dental care. Regular dental checkups help you as well in preventing dental infections. However, it is common to get tooth pain sometime in your life. In such cases, you can use these herbs to get relief from the pain. Some of these herbs are found in your kitchen.

Cloves are one of the best home remedies for tooth pain. You can chew some clove or keep the powder on the tooth that has pain. The Eugenol in cloves aids you in easing toothache and the antibacterial properties prevents the infection.

Peppermint leaves or oil is a good and useful natural remedy for toothache. Chew 2 or three peppermint leaves after washing them thoroughly and cover the affected area for some time. Later rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water to get instant relief from toothache.

Thyme has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It is considered as one of the best home remedy with its medicinal properties for many health conditions. You can use thyme for gum infection and tooth decay too. Chew some thyme leaves on the other side of mouth i.e. not with the affected teeth.

Ginger has many health benefits. Peel off the ginger skin and chop it into pieces. Chew it for some time swirling the juice around the affected tooth.

Spilanthes is known as ‘toothache plant’. The leaves or flowers of spilanthes relieve tooth pain by numbing it.

Cabbage has detoxifying properties. So, keep a cabbage leaf on the affected tooth for some time to get relief.

Yarrow treats toothache. Chew some yarrow leaves after thoroughly cleaning so that it can numb the affected area.

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