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Tips to reduce stroke

Tips to reduce stroke

Heart strokes are very common for people of all people regardless of age. There are various remedies to reduce chances of strokes. It is important to know that strokes can occur at any place and any time. This makes it important to know the various remedies for heart stroke.

Blood pressure

Having high blood pressure is very harmful for your heart. Control your blood pressure to prevent the chances of getting a heart stroke. Make sure you lead a lifestyle with less stress.

Lose weight

Having excess weight can lead to obesity. Obesity is a big factor for heart strokes. Reducing your weight will reduce chances of heart stroke a lot.


It is clinically proven that people who work out have relatively very low chances of getting a heart stroke. So, make sure you add exercise to your everyday life.


Controlling your drinking habits will prevent heart strokes. Doctors recommend that you can drink one glass of quality wine to prevent heart strokes.

Baby aspirin

This a great remedy for reducing strokes in women over 65 years age. It prevents clotting of blood in their heart.


Diabetes can have a lot of effect on your heart. It increases chances of stroke. So, control your diabetes.

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