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Things to know while using natural shampoos

Things to know while using natural shampoos

Switching to natural products is always better for your health. Nowadays, many people are opting for shampoos with natural ingredients or herbal hair care products. It keeps your scalp and hair healthy. It also protects the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

However, you should note certain points while switching to these products.

The pH of human hair is between 4.5 and 5.5. That means the hair is slightly acidic. So, your shampoo should also be acidic. In other words, the pH of the shampoo should also be the same as your hair but not too much acidic to get maximum benefits. Experts say that the ideal pH of shampoo should be 3-6.

Another important thing is most natural shampoos do not contain preservatives. So, they have a shorter life span compared to chemical shampoos. So, always buy shampoo in smaller quantities to avoid wastage.

Chemical shampoos give lather due to synthetic contents in them. But, the shampoo with natural ingredients does not contain these foaming agents. So, many people use too much shampoo for their hair under the impression to get foamy. But do not overuse it. If your hair is clean, then it is a good shampoo.

Not all ingredients used in the shampoo might not be a right fit for your hair. Some may even dry your hair. Also, your hair may appear greasy with the use of some shampoos. So, you should check the ingredients while buying a shampoo. You may need to change various shampoos until you find the right shampoo that perfectly suits your hair.

Natural and organic shampoos are more expensive than chemical-based shampoos. It is due to the difficulty of sourcing the ingredients. Also, most of the manufacturers make them on a small scale. So, if you feel that the price you are paying for the product is worthy, then buy it. Or else, choose another one.

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