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Things to know about Christmas Tree Syndrome

Things to know about Christmas Tree Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Christmas Tree Syndrome? As the name suggests, the syndrome is associated with Christmas tree.

Christmas tree is part of Christmas celebrations. It is decorated with stars, apples, candles etc. People keep it in their home during Christmas and the New Year.

But, do you know that this tree can cause allergies to people due to the presence of mould fungi and their spores?

A study found that various types of mould fungi are present in some types of Christmas trees. 70% of these mould fungi are harmful and can cause allergic reactions.

Christmas Tree Syndrome is seen in people who are more prone to allergies. Also, the risk is more in people suffering from asthma and hay fever. However, it can affect all age groups of people. Even young children can also get affected by the syndrome. It affects around one third of people that are exposed to Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Syndrome is a seasonal allergy. The mould fungi present on these trees multiply in warm environment and cause allergies to people in home. The reaction can be mild to severe and lead to life-threatening situations. Especially, in people prone to asthma, these allergies can cause a severe attack in addition to causing breathing difficulties.

Symptoms of Christmas Tree Syndrome include itchy and running nose, watery eyes, wheezing, cough, skin rashes, and chest pain.

Hence, it is better to take preventive steps while keeping a Christmas Tree in your home. These steps help reduce the risk of allergies and the syndrome.

Instead of using a natural tree, keep an artificial one to avoid living organisms on it. If you prefer a real tree, wash the tree first. Then keep it for a limited time in your home. Before bringing the tree into your house, keep it in a cooler area of your home to avoid the growth of more mould spores. This is because, mould grows in the warm environment. Spray bleach on the tree to kill the allergens if any. Also, wear gloves while decorating the tree.

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