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Signs of liver failure

Signs of liver failure

Liver is considered one of the toughest organs of the body.

It is usually very hard for liver to fail unless there is a severe problem. Excessive drinking can be one of the major reasons for it.

However, liver failure doesn’t happen suddenly. It happens over years. There are usually signs of it that can be noticed. They can be hard to notice for someone who is not aware.

If you notice these sentences, then there might still be a chance to save your liver by taking proper care.

Struggling with upset stomach

Yes, stomach upset is a fairly common problem, but it can be a sign of liver failure. Along with that you are likely to feel nauseous as well. This is one of the signs of liver damage.

Fatigue and Weakness

When your liver is damaged, you body’s ability to eliminate toxins is reduced. This causes them to reach your blood steam and makes you feel tired and weak a lot.

Reduced appetite

Due to the lack of production of bile, which is produced by liver, one starts to feel less and less hungrier. Food is not digested properly thereby killing appetite.

Digestion problems

For the same reason as above, digestion problems increase in number as liver starts to fail. Problems like irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal bloating and gallstones can happen.

Change in urine color

If you are facing liver damage, you are likely to notice that your urine is getting darker in color. This happens because of the high levels of bilirubin in body. Similar the color of stool also changes to pale yellow or even grey.

Abdominal changes

Cramps in lower abdomen and bloating can be a sign of liver failure.

Other signs of liver include liquid retention in ankles and feet, itchy skin and even intestinal bleeding. Having one of these problems does not usually mean liver failure, however if you are experiencing multiple of these problems, then consult a doctor immediately.

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