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Signs indicate that you are unhealthy

Signs indicate that you are unhealthy

Good health is probably the most important asset in life. Without proper health, we cannot enjoy anything else. In today’s world most people forget their health in chase of other things. Here are some signs that you are not healthy.

Chronic constipation

If you are constantly facing constipation it is not good. Proper bowel movements are important for removing the waste in your body. Don’t depend on laxatives to solve this problem. Consult a doctor.

Cracked lips

Having cracked lips especially at the corners of the mouth could suggest that you suffer with a Vitamin B12 deficiency. It could also mean you are anemic.

Growing short

It is common for old people to grow a bit short. However, if this happens and you are young, then you might be suffering with low bone density. Loss of calcium can cause this.

Frequent colds

Suffering with frequent cold could be a sign that your immune system is weak or that you have vitamin C deficiency. Get blood tests done to find the proper reason.

Dark yellow urine

Your urine color shows a lot about your health. The first sign of dark yellow urine is that you are not drinking enough water. If even after drinking water, your urine is still yellow, then it could suggest an ill-health. Get a checkup done. Some medicine can also cause yellow urine.

Frequent itching, always feeling tired, difficulties in sleep, snoring and anxiety are some other notable signs.

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