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Scientists find deadliest chemical people use every day without realizing

Scientists find deadliest chemical people use every day without realizing

Everyone talks about how pollution and cigarette smoke can cause cancer and other health problems, but do you know that there is a more dangerous chemical that is found to be the most lethal? In a ground breaking discovery, researchers from John Hopkins Medical Center found the existence of Di-hydrogen monoxide, a chemical that is now being called the most harmful to humans.

Scientists have conducted studies regarding this chemical and found that humans and even animals have been exposed to it for so long, the nervous system has grown dependent to it. Several subjects who have been kept away from this chemical for one day showed severe withdrawal symptoms like headache, dry tongue and skin.

It has been found that Di-hydrogen monoxide is sprayed on the food we eat. This is a chemical that is present in the food and drinks we consume every day. Scientists found that exposing even iron to Di-hydrogen monoxide for a short period of time caused it to rust.

Once the human nervous system gets addicted to the substance, stopping its usage usually leads to death in few days. As soon as the study results came out, hundreds of social media campaigns to stop the usage of Di-hydrogen monoxide have begun, but the scientists fear it might be too late.

“After testing the substance on human cells, we fear that it might be too late to stop the usage of Di-hydrogen monoxide as doing so can lead to death.”, says Dr. Dan Brown, Head of Scientology, John Hopkins Medical Center.

“Our best bet for now is to continue the usage of it in a limited fashion. In a few generations, the human race may get over the dependency of this deadly substance”, adds Brown.

This harmful substance has already been given a common name for layman usage: water. Yes, Di-Hydrogen Monoxide is nothing but water. Just because something sounds dangerous doesn’t make it actually dangerous.

“Do not believe everything you see on the internet”, says Leonardo Di Caprio, the head researcher in this study.

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