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Preventing heartburn in summer

Preventing heartburn in summer

Indigestion and acid reflux are common in summer time. It is better to change your diet somewhat in order to adjust to the summer heat. It is important to know that acid reflux is dangerous in the long run.

Do not leave it untreated. Here are some methods to prevent heartburns.


Add bananas to your diet as they are very helpful in preventing heartburn. This is a good natural remedy to prevent heartburn in summer.

Stop Smoking

Smoking in summer can increase the chances of facing heartburn. Try to cut down or quit smoking altogether.


Changing your meat preferences can go a long way in fighting heartburn. Prefer to eat skinless dish if you want chicken. For fish, don’t go for fried fishes.

After meal

After having a heavy meal, do not lie down. Make sure there is enough gap between your dinner and sleeping time.

Green veggies

When you are planning to eat vegetables go for the green ones. Avoiding onions, salad dressings and tomatoes is advisable during summer.


Alcohol and soda worsens the acid reflux symptoms. So try to stay away from them. Make sure you moderate your drinking habits.


Having good workout can help your metabolism and in turn prevent heart burns.

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