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Precautions for heat wave

Precautions for heat wave

Heat waves in the summer can be very dangerous. They can even be deadly. Heat waves are nothing but excessive heat in the atmosphere for long periods of time. When heat waves occur, the temperature can go way beyond the average maximum temperature. The heat waves can also bring humidity. Here are some ways to protect yourself from the heat waves.

Cooling systems

Install cooling systems in your house in order to keep your house cool and safe. Stay indoors as much as possible.


Maintaining correct fluid levels is crucial in taking care of your body. It will also help your body to stay hydrated. Dehydration is your worst enemy here.


Make sure you wear cotton clothes and carry an umbrella or hat to protect your head from the extreme heat.

Sun screen

No matter where you go, always wear sun screen. Never leave your house without it.

Plan well

Try to plan all your outings early in the day or wait for evening. Avoid going out in the noon as much as possible.


If you like to keep your windows open, do so early in the morning or after sunset. This will prevent heat from entering your house as much as possible.

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