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Mistakes people do while taking medicines


Almost everyone takes medicines in their lives at one point of their lives at the least. But, do you know there are certain things that many people do wrong while taking medicines? There are some common mistakes that many people do which can be dangerous. Read on to find out more.

Missing a dosage

This is by far one of the biggest and common mistakes. It is crucial to follow the complete prescription for all the suggested days. Missing a day or not completely following the regime means that the point of the medicine is lost.

Taking antacids with your medicines

Avoid taking antacids combined with your prescribed medicines. If you have to take them, take them at least an hour before or after taking the medicine.

Combining medicines

If you are already taking a certain medicine and the doctor prescribes something else, confirm with the doctor if you can take both of them without any problems. Certain combinations of medicines can have drastic side effects.

Follow a time

If you have taken a medicine a particular time one day, follow the same time every day. This will help your body adjust easily.

Use Milk

Use Milk to take medicine as it is much more nutritious and also helps with the taste.

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