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The lethal liposuction

The lethal liposuction

Recently, the tragedy of the demise of Telugu actress Aarthi Agarwal has went viral on the Internet space. In the present day, the trend of women striving for a zero figure has become a bad trend. The cause of death in case of Aarthi should be noted duly here. The spreading of anorexic bodies and the aim to reach has become a bane for many young girls. For those under the lime light it is especially important to stay thin in order to stay in the light. Aarthi went for a liposuction to go beyond her body’s capacity.

Liposuction is a surgery where body is bought into shape by removing exces fat from various areas. Many actors do it for their job. In the surgery, fatality is rare and the probability is almost negligible.

However, Fat embolism is a lethal after effect to this surgery. This phenomena occurs when the fat tissue travels to the lungs and passes into the bloodstream. There is another problem which could lead to death. If the removed fat is not replaced by the liquids, then the surgery can go wrong.

Aarthi opted for liposuction despite her doctor’s advice. The actress was asthmatic and she developed a pulmonary illness. The surgery aggravated her condition which led to cardiac arrest.

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