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How To Prevent Wrinkles

How To Prevent Wrinkles

Skin covers all our body and protects us from exposure of sun and invasion of microorganisms. Certain elastin fibers and a protein called collagen keep our skin free from wrinkles. We have to take care of our skin while we are young.

To prevent wrinkles, you have to first know your skin type. Usually there are four types of skin. They are: dry skin, normal skin, combinational skin and oily skin. How can we know our skin type? Wipe your face with a tissue paper when you wake up in the morning. If your skin type is oily you will find oil on that paper.

If your skin is normal, the paper won’t show anything, if your skin is combinational type, you will find oil only in the center and if your skin is dry type you will find flaky patches. The most problematic ones are oily and dry skins. Oily skin causes acne and blackheads whereas dry skin causes wrinkles due to the lack of moisture.
There are several ways to prevent wrinkles, and let’s see each one of them individually:How To Prevent Wrinkles

Healthy food:
1. Cereals and whole grains like wheat, corn etc., have rich source of Vitamin B which helps our skin to absorb the nutrients required by it.

2. Take carotene-rich foods like papaya, carrots etc., have plenty of Vitamin A which makes skin looks like younger.

3. Eat vitamin C enriched food like oranges, grapes etc. which produces collagen in our skin.

4. Protein rich pulses help skin to glaze.

5. Water is the most important, as it prevents us from many harmful effects. So one must consume at least 2 – 3 liters of water every day.
Healthy habits:

1. Avoid excessive intake of alcohol because it stimulates the wrinkle formation. Alcohol retains water in the body which makes the face swollen and temporarily stretches the skin which later shrinks. Subsequent shrinking of the face results in wrinkles.

How To Prevent Wrinkles2. Smoking causes wrinkles around the mouth. Smoking decreases blood circulation to facial skin which results in premature lines and wrinkles. So avoid smoking.
3. Whenever you are going outside during midday wear a hat or apply sun-screens, it prevents the ultraviolet rays of the sun damaging the facial skin.
You will find various home remedies for wrinkles in my next article.

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