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Home Remedies for side-effects of COVID-19 vaccine

Home Remedies for side-effects of COVID-19 vaccine

Now many people are getting inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine. After taking the first vaccination shot, most people are experiencing side-effects like fever, body pains, inflammation, and pain at the injection site. Though these side-effects last temporarily, several people are afraid of falling sick.

Hence, most of them are avoiding their next dose, which means no use in getting their first dose of vaccine. And some people are experiencing these side-effects after the second shot (booster dose) of the vaccine.

In this context, experts said there is no need to worry about these side-effects and some home remedies would help ease the symptoms:

  • If you have pain at the injection site, then apply an icepack to relieve the pain. It also helps minimize the risk of other therapeutic reactions.
  • People who experience rash and swelling can also apply an icepack to ease the symptoms. Epsom salt baths also help relieve pain naturally.
  • As per WHO, preventive medications are not good before vaccination. However, some people consume pain killers and OTC medications to avoid getting severe pain and swelling. If you want to use preventive medications, consult with a doctor first. Follow the advice of the doctor.
  • Fever, fatigue, and body pains are some other immune reactions to the vaccine. Eat a balanced diet to reduce the vaccine side-effects. Drink plenty of water if you are suffering from fever. You can also drink giloy juice. However, if the side-effects are not controlled with these home remedies, take medicines by consulting the physician.
  • You should continue following the COVID-19 hygienic methods even after the vaccination. It is essential to control the transmission of the virus. Avoid consuming alcohol for some weeks after getting vaccinated.
  • Educate yourself and be prepared to face the situation after the vaccination before getting inoculated.

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