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Health issues: Cesarean vs Normal delivery

Health issues: Cesarean vs Normal delivery

Giving birth can be one of the most frightening and wonderful moments in a woman’s life, and also one of the most painful. After nine months of waiting and hours of painful labor, a new child is born.

However, the anticipation of those painful hours can be quite fear-inducing for many women, so they decide to take a less painful option instead: a cesarean section.

This form of delivery is planned in advance, in which an incision is made near the stomach and the baby is then delivered.

Although the usage of anesthesia in the procedure makes it a painless endeavor, there are several reasons why vaginal delivery is considered more healthy and beneficial for both the mother and the child.

There are also several reasons why cesarean section is considered to be unhealthier.

Vaginally-delivered babies are said to be much healthier in general than babies delivered by cesarean sections. Vaginal delivery also gives babies a protective skin layer, which helps prevent infections.

Vaginal delivery ensures that a mother will soon be able to breastfeed her child, since breastmilk begins flowing immediately after a natural birth.

Vaginally-delivered infants are less likely to suffer from a health condition known as tachypnea, which causes the baby’s lungs to be filled with fluid. In vaginal delivery, the pressure experienced by the infant squeezes out all of the fluid in the lungs.

After a natural birth, there is a shorter recovery time for both the mother and her child, which is very beneficial to the health of them both.

A cesarean section can cause blood loss or blood clotting, which can endanger the life of the mother.

The incision of the cesarean section also takes a long time to heal, significantly longer than the recovery time after a natural birth.

Occasionally, the incision must require re-stitching as well.

A baby delivered by cesarean section is in danger of being born prematurely, since there is no labor pain to let the mother know that the baby is ready to be born.

Additionally, the baby must be fed with bottle milk until breast milk begins flowing.

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