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Health benefits of Rice bran oil

Health benefits of Rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is very popular in cooking. It is extracted from the outer layer of brown rice. Rice bran oil actually has many health benefits for it. These days many people are using refined oils which do not completely give the benefits of rice bran oil. Here are some health benefits of rice bran oil:

Menopause issues

Ninety percent of women go through menopausal issues. Use of rice bran oil can help women face menopausal problems like hot flashes and irritations. This is because the oil is rich in antioxidants which reduce menopausal symptoms.

Younger skin

Use of rice bran oil helps you get younger looking skin. The oil has ingredients which can help maintain the elasticity of the skin and fight the signs of aging. It even reduces blood micro-circulation which reduces black circles.

Prevents cancer

Since it has a lot of antioxidants, rice bran oil can reduce risks of getting several types of cancer.

Hair protection

Rice bran oil is very good for your hair. The ferulic acid and esters in help add beauty to your hair. It prevents premature greying too.

There are many other benefits also. Rice bran oil is also helpful in reducing cholesterol. It helps you fight off allergies too. As the oil is low in fat, it helps you with weight loss too.

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