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Grocery shopping tips

Grocery shopping tips

The novel coronavirus can stay on surfaces, including the packaging material used for food, for a few hours to several days. Hence, it is essential to take extra care while shopping grocery and storing them at home.

Here are the tips for grocery shopping and storing:

  • Make sure that only one member from your house goes out to buy groceries and other essentials.
  • Spend a very short time at the shop as prolonged exposure increases risk.
  • Avoid touching surfaces of the grocery shop or supermarket.
  • Keep a hand sanitizer ready with you to clean your hands if you happen to touch anything in the shop.
  • Sanitize your hands after touching shopping carts or payment machines.
  • Exchange of currency can also be a risk factor; hence, try to use cashless payment modes.
  • You can use disposable gloves, but they are not mandatory. Throw them in a closed garbage bin after use.
  • Leave your shopping container outside of your home and take a shower in the meanwhile.
  • There is no evidence that transmission is happening through food packaging at this time. But, you should be careful.
  • Wipe plastic and glass containers with bleach.
  • Discard the packages of groceries in a closed bin.
  • Unwrapped fresh goods can be washed under running water.
  • Soak fruits and vegetables in vinegar, baking soda solution, salt or lemon water for few hours and wash them with normal water.
  • Wash groceries thoroughly while using them. Some are advising to wash them and dry them before storage.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before washing groceries. You should wash your hands while cooking them.
  • If you get groceries or any other items home-delivered, then ask the delivery boy to leave the bags outside.
  • Disinfect the package and open it.

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