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Fresh fruits Vs Dried fruits

Fresh fruits Vs Dried fruits

While some people prefer to eat fresh fruits considering their health benefits, others eat dried fruits assuming that are equally good for health as fresh fruits.

In this scenario, here are some interesting points to know about them:

Both fresh fruits and dried or dehydrated fruits offer similar health benefits.

However, dried fruits have slightly lower vitamin and mineral content as they lose some portion of nutrients during the dehydration process.

But, storing dried fruits is easy compared to fresh fruits. They have a longer shelf-life than fresh fruits. That’s why many people prefer to buy dried fruits.

Dried fruits have more calories. It is because sugars and nutrients are concentrated in them during the drying process. That’s why you will get more calories with the consumption of a cup of dried fruits than the same quantity of fresh fruits. So, dried fruits are not suitable for people who want to lose weight. As they contain more sugar, diabetics should also restrict their use.

Fresh fruits have more nutritional value than dried fruits. However, some dried fruits are loaded with many antioxidants. For example, dried figs and dates contain more Phenol than fresh fruits. Dried fruits are also loaded with micronutrients.

Also, a cup of dried fruits is higher in fibre content than the same quantity of fresh fruits. Fibre-rich foods have many benefits, including preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

At the same time, fresh fruits offer more volume of water than dried fruits. It helps you feel full after consumption. Similarly, heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamins B and C are reduced during the drying process.

Keeping all these things, one should note that serving size is important to get maximum benefits of fruits. Fruits, whether fresh or dried, have health benefits. So, consume as per your nutritional requirements.

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