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Foods that fight anaemia

Foods that fight anaemia

Anaemia is one of the most common type of blood disorders which is found mainly in women.

Though many women see it as a negligible condition, it cannot be ignored as it leads to severe health disorders if left untreated.

The common symptoms are weakness and fatigue and other serious symptoms include sweating, swelling of legs, heartburn etc., while in extreme cases blood is also seen in the stools.

Here are some common foods that treat anaemia very effectively. Add to them to your regular diet.

Being rich in iron and calcium, pomegranate helps your body by providing essential minerals and vitamins. Consuming a bowl of pomegranate seeds or a cup of its juice will certainly help in increasing haemoglobin content in your body.

Spinach is a commonly found leafy vegetable which effectively combats anaemia. It is rich in fibre, iron and calcium. Add boiled spinach to your regular diet.

Nuts are without a doubt another good source of haemoglobin. Consume almonds, walnuts, pistachios etc. daily to get enough iron. Consume dates and raisins as well.

Consumption of whole grains with the foods that are rich in vitamin C helps you get adequate amount of iron and folic acid.

Legumes are another good source of getting iron as they contain folic acid also. But, add vitamin C rich foods along with these for proper absorption of the nutrients.

Foods that fight anaemia

Foods that fight anaemia

Beetroot is one of the best known vegetables for iron. Drink beetroot juice daily early in the morning. Or you can take it as part of a salad also. It helps improving iron content in your blood.

Honey has many essential vitamins and minerals in addition to iron. So consume honey on a regular basis.

If you are a non-vegetarian, then consumption of liver will definitely help you in getting enough iron to your body. Not only iron, liver helps you get other minerals like copper, phosphorus, and zinc also.

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