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Curry flavour curries favour

Curry flavour curries favour

Take a leaf from the curry patta’s book, even if you don’t want them floating in your soups and sambars.

Did you know that the humble leaf is a great source of Vitamin A, calcium and folic acid?  Among other things, it can even prevent early development of cataract.

Tamil literature and Kannada texts seem to love this leaf, which is native to south India and Sri Lanka. It is also called meethi neem — owing to its resemblance to neem leaves, even though it isn’t a close relative of that lustrous tree.

Let’s look at the special skills and talents of the curry leaf. It can be part of ayurvedic herbal tonics. As a good source of folic acid, it supports the absorption of iron.

It also boosts circulation and is anti-inflammation, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-microbial, hepatoprotective, hypo-cholestrolemic, and delays premature graying. It can even be used in treating bruises and skin eruptions. It is a great sedative and hair tonic. Its mildly laxative properties aid digestion too.

Total antioxidant activity and free radical scavenging activity are highest in curry leaves.

They thus mediate the immune system and metabolic processes. Anti-bacterial properties, anti-fungal activities to fight bad breath and gum disease are other interesting properties of this leaf.

Include curry leaves in all your curries. But don’t dry them in the open, or they will lose their flavour.

The leaves are best consumed fresh, so grow them in your garden. They are great anti-oxidants and would help you to become healthy and happy if used judiciously.

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