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Camel pose for a healthy body

Camel pose for a healthy body

In Yoga, Camel Pose is another pose mean to improve your body. The pose is called Ustrasana where “Ustra” means camel and “asana” means posture. The pose helps body stretch and improves the front posture of the body. It also improves the flexibility of spine, neck, hips and the opening of the shoulders.

The asana is done by bending the body backwards and kneeling on the floor. Many people find this pose difficult in the beginning because of not being used to bending backwards.

While doing this asana, breathing should be slow and deep because the front portion of the body is stretched.

To start, one must kneel down on the floor. The knees, thighs and hips should be kept perpendicular to the floor. The thighs should be kept slight inward while the hips are narrowed. Don’t put tension on your buttocks. The shins must be put firmly to the floor.

The next step is to put your hands on the back of your pelvis. Your palms should support your hips and your fingers should face the feet. Inhale slowly and lift your heart while pressing your shoulder against the back ribs.

Use your tailbone and shoulder blades for support. Lean down keeping your head up. You chin should be near sternum and hands on pelvis. Now hold your one foot and take its support. Touch the other foot and press your thighs.

Then put your hands on your lower back with palms pressing on. Your fingers should be pointing towards the toes.

Got a relaxing position while still on your knees. Stay in that pose for 30-60 seconds.

This asana helps overcome menstrual discomfort in women too. Doing it improves your flexibility. The pose is also said to improve digestion. People with back and lower back ache can find relief with this pose.

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