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Calcium rich foods

Calcium rich foods

Calcium is one of the essential minerals for the body. Milk is believed to be the best food source for calcium.

But, apart from milk, there are some other food items which are rich in calcium. Some of them even contain more calcium than milk.

The average daily requirement of calcium for an adult is 1,000mg per day.

However, it varies with age. Lactating mothers and teenage children need more calcium.

Here is a list of calcium rich foods:

Chia seeds have many health benefits.

100 g of chia seeds contain about 631 mg of calcium. They also improve brain function and boost metabolism.

Salmon fish is an extremely nutritious food. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. In addition to that, it is loaded with calcium and other nutrients. If you consume 170 g of salmon fish, you can have 350 mg of calcium.

Almonds are loaded with many nutrients. 3/4th cup of almonds contains about 320 mg of calcium. Some people prefer to consume almond milk to lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Green and leafy vegetables are very nutritious. One cup of spinach provides you 394 mg of calcium. It also improves haemoglobin levels and the functioning of digestive system.

Ricotta cheese is loaded with calcium and other nutrients. You will get 380 mg of calcium by consuming 3/4th of a cup of this cheese.

Orange juice is enriched with vitamin C and calcium. If you consume one glass of orange juice, you will get 350 mg of calcium. It also boosts your immunity and metabolism.

Chickpeas are rich in protein and other essential minerals. Consumption of half cup of chickpeas provides you with about 350 mg of calcium. They also help in building muscle and boosting metabolic rate.

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