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Beneficial herbs and spices for diabetes

Beneficial herbs and spices for diabetes

Nowadays, diabetes is common among many people. One of the main reasons for the increase of this lifelong condition is changes in the lifestyle of people.

This condition arises when sufficient insulin is not available in the body due to the inability of the body in producing an adequate amount. Sometimes, even though the body produces insulin, it is not used effectively.

Hence, people with diabetes should take insulin tablets or injections lifelong. However, diabetes is uncontrollable in long-term diabetics, which leads to many severe health complications, like cardiovascular disease.

In such cases, they can use these herbs along with the medicines they are using. They should also have regular activities like exercising and follow diet restrictions as specified by their doctors.

Remember that these herbs can help relieve symptoms of diabetes and reduce the risk of other health issues, but they are not a substitute for prescribed medicines for diabetes.

Here is a list of a few herbs and spices that are beneficial for diabetes:

Cinnamon is a widely used spice in the kitchen. Some studies proved that cinnamon lowered fasting blood glucose levels and triglycerides. Besides, it increased HDL cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. In addition to that, it could reduce insulin resistance. However, these benefits vary with each individual and depend on the type of cinnamon and its dosage.

Fenugreek seeds are also used in the kitchen. Available studies revealed that fenugreek seeds delayed the onset of diabetes in people with prediabetes when consumed in powder form. Besides, fenugreek also helped lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production in the body. Also, they reduced cholesterol levels.

Aloe vera products like juice are beneficial for diabetics. Aloe vera can increase insulin levels and reduce oxidative stress. Some studies showed that it helped lower blood glucose levels. It might repair the beta cells in the pancreas.

Ginger has been used in traditional medicine for many years. A few researchers in their study concluded that ginger could lower blood sugar levels to some extent.

Gymnema leaf extract had also reduced blood sugar levels as per a few studies. However, diabetics should consult their physicians before using the leaf extract or ground leaf.

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