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Banned toxic ingredients in food

Banned toxic ingredients in food

Food is the most basic part of life. But do you know that there are few banned toxins in food. Yes, the food you are eating could lead to poor health conditions and health ailments. Many researchers are stating that there are toxic ingredients in the food we eat every day. Let us take a look at some banned toxins that can exist in the food you eat.


Spices which are used as salt or chilli flakes can have Lead. Lead is also present in chocolate.

BHA (Butylated Hyrdoxyanisole)

This is one of the most dangerous ingredients that can be added to food. The reason it is so dangerous is because of its cancer causing properties. You may find it in dehydrated potatoes, meat, butter, cereals, nuts, and beer.

Potassium Bromate

This is a very popular banned item. It consists in Rolls, cakes, puddings etc. The flour used to make these can be source of this toxic agent.


According to research, it is found that 90 percent of foods consumed in daily life consist of these. Even corn, sugar etc have GMOs present in them and can harm you.

Olestra in potato chips, Chloramphenicol in cheap quality honey, Arsenic in chicken, Brominated Vegetable Oil in soft drinks, synthetic hormones in milk, Ractopamine in pork and artificial coloring agents in cakes, candies etc. are some other toxic ingredients. So, beware of all these while eating and make sure you use quality products.

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