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Will US elections impact your investments?

Will US elections impact your investments?

Elections are a critical factor for how investments and stock markets can go. Especially US elections can have a major impact on markets all over the world. As the US is central for many things, every trader and investor is looking for the election results to plan their financial moves and you should too.

The fight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will decide not just the US president but also the person who will make economical deals with other countries. The American markets have already reacted sharply. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 3.4 per cent (943.24) points. One of the main factors is the increase in COVID-19 cases.

The US is a major trading partner of India, and the relations between both the countries has been ever increasing. As of now, the bilateral trade between the US and India is valued $88.75.

According to UBS analysis, there are three likely scenarios in the US elections which can benefit India.

The first is a Biden and Democrat sweep, the second is a Biden victory with a divided congress, and a complete Trump victory.

The Upcoming stimulus package should also have a major impact on the economy of the US and thereby the whole world. Donald Trump has promised the people of the US that the stimulus package to help people will be given, after the elections. These packages are meant to help people in the economy wrecked by COVID19 pandemic.

Due to the delayed stimulus package, the stock market was affected. However, the current US President, Donald Trump, has promised the best stimulus package to the citizens of the US. If Trump delivers on his promise, then the market might go up sharply.

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