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Things that a Will must have

Things that a Will must have

A Will is a very important part in your financial assets. Many people in India tend to miss this step. By registering your Will, you can easily pass on your wealth your loved ones of your choice without causing any trouble to them. This will even remove disputes between your loved ones. Before you make a Will, here are things you need to remember.

  • Leasehold rights are allowed to be gifted in a Will.
  • If you have the ownership of any ancestral properties, they can be legally transferred and gifted to a person through your Will.
  • If you have shares of ownership in a company or ownership as a proprietor firm, they can be gifted through a Will. If there are any conditions in Partnership Deed, then this will be subject to them.
  • In a Hindu Undivided Family, share can be bequeathed.
  • If you have properties owned in foreign countries, they can be gifted. However, the property will be subject to local laws.
  • In a Will, you can also gift pets, paintings, antiques, electronic items, intellectual property, social media accounts, personal belongings etc. Property or assets such as personal wealth, either tangible or intangible, receivables as well as liabilities/loans can be included in a Will.

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