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Mistakes made by Successful Entrepreneurs


Even the greatest people make mistakes just like everyone else. However, they learn to use these mistakes as stepping stones rather than failures. Let us take a look at some of the mistakes made by successful entrepreneurs.

Hiten Shah, Co-founder of KISSmetrics admits that he and his co-founder have spent $1,000,000 on a web hosting company which was never launched. He stated they built the best thing they could without considering customer’s desires. After that they learned to focus on customer delight and became even smarter in their design choices.

Robin Chase, Co-founder of Zipcar states that they built their website first and later asked their customers about it later. With their second company GoLoco, they spent a lot of money on web development without meeting their customers first. The lesson they learned is that it is always important to find the right customers first.

Leo Babauta, a bestselling author admits that he started too late with his passion because of fear of failure and lacking belief in himself.

Leo Laporte, founder of TwiT network states that he tried to do everything himself. He had the feeling that he knew about all aspects of creation which led to troubles.

Tim Ferris, a bestselling author states that one must be 100 percent excited to do something or that he/she must say no to it. It’s either going completely in or not going at all.

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