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What to do when you lose your bank locker keys

What to do when you lose your bank locker keys

Having a bank locker is very common for most people. Many people prefer having bank lockers due to the safety they offer. However, there is one dreaded situation that people might find them in. This is; losing the locker keys.

Here are certain details regarding the loss of locker keys. If you happen to lose your bank locker keys, you should immediately intimate the branch manager. The best way to intimate the manager is to do so in writing.

After intimating, the bank would then take initiative to ensure a duplicate key is reached to you. Either that or they will break open the locker. A locksmith will be used for the purpose of breaking the locker.

The breaking will occur only in the presence of the locker owner. This is done for obvious purposes that there could be valuables. It is important to remember that the bank cannot open your locker without your presence under any circumstances.

It is not exactly a fixed charge that would be charged for making duplicate keys or getting a new locker altogether. The making of a duplicate key from the original manufacturer of the locker could cost as much as Rs. 5000. The important point here is that the bank will not bear the charges of this. The charges will have to be borne by you.

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