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Know about travel insurance

Know about travel insurance

Just like other insurances travel insurances is all about reading the small details. There are many variations and criteria that also apply between insurance corporations. Here are some things covered by travel insurance.


Just in case you’re hospitalized, there’s a cashless hospitalization that’s provided by insurance corporations. There are a lot of differences from insurance company to insurance company.

Loss of luggage

In case if you have lost your luggage abroad, this is another area of coverage covered by all insurance corporations in India, once you travel abroad. Furthermore, an additional coverage is given in case of a delay in receiving your baggage. The norms and also the amounts might differ from insurance company to insurance company.

Loss of passport

If you unfortunately lost your passport, then you can face major problems once you travel abroad. Insurance corporations do offer you coverage for loss of passport and visa.

Emergency financial assistance

Sometimes you might need an emergency money help which could arise due to felony or a theft at an outside destination. In such cases, insurance companies provide a service provide to help you out and find safety.

Political risk coverage

There are many insurance companies which cover political risks as well as evacuation to the country of residence as a part of the insurance package.

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