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Know about CIF Number of Banks

Know about CIF Number of Banks

Have you ever heard of CIF number of banks? How do banks get information about their customers?

Normally, people focus only on their account numbers and IFSC code of the bank branches as they are essential for net banking and other uses.

But, many people do not have an idea about CIF number.


Here are some important points about CIF number:

  • CIF number refers to the Customer Information File number.
  • It is a unique number, i.e. each customer has a separate number.
  • The computerized file holds all the personal and account related information of the customer.
  • This number is important for banks to view accounts of their customers and get vital information like loans, demat etc. and KYC details including address and identity.
  • CIF number also reveals accounts held by a customer and transactions made by him or her in these.
  • Each bank a has separate format for CIF number.
  • The largest commercial bank of India, that is State Bank of India has 11-digit CIF number.
  • Central bank of India has 10-digit CIF number.
  • HDFC bank has 8-digit number whereas Axis bank has 4-digit number.
  • You can use it as user ID for internet or mobile banking.
  • Earlier, many CIF numbers were given to a single customer. But, now, as per guidelines of RBI, one person cannot have more than one CIF number.
  • You can have multiple accounts under this single CIF number.
  • You can get your CIF number of nationalized banks on the first page of your passbook.
  • You can also find this number in your account statements.
  • You can even find this number on the first page of your cheque book as well.
  • Private banks like HDFC banks and Axis bank provide this number on the information booklet of welcome kit.

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