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Innovative Travel startups

Innovative Travel startups

India’s tourism industry is increasing even in the condition of the economic slowdown. It is estimated that the market would touch $9 billion by 2025 with modern travel startups and changing trends of millennials.

Here are some innovative travel startups. The founders of these companies are in their 20s and 30s.

TraWork is a Pune based startup. Its concept is to travel as you work and work while you travel. It was founded by Vandita Purohit. The blending of work and travel made her startup unique. The startup conducted two international trips so far. Several other trips including domestic as well as international trips are in line for this year.

Taxidio is a Mumbai based startup. The startup believes that the concept of ‘one-size-fits-all’ does not work in the present scenario.  Vishal Kejariwal and Abhas Desai founded this to offer a personalized experience. Users can furnish their details and interests in the online DIY (Do-it-Yourself) trip planner. In return, Taxidio sends a list of destinations that match with their interests.

MeTripping is a Bengaluru based startup. Founded by Varun Gupta, this startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) search engine to offer recommendations that fit the needs of each user. These include the destinations, mode of transport, accommodation and the things to do.

Moonstone Hammock is a Mumbai based startup. It was founded by Pratik Jain, Rohit Dube, Abhishek Dabholkar, Megh Doshi, and Pradeep Singh Chowdhury. The main aim of the startup is to provide a great camping experience with various activities like kayaking, movie screenings etc. They offer glamping tents with luxurious amenities and floating tents.

The Unhotel Co was founded by the husband-wife duo, Manish Sinha and Shilpi Singh in Gurugram. This startup aims to offer offbeat trips and treks along with accommodation. The startup also focuses on the authentic story of the place, culture, people, food, and monuments. Numerous offbeat adventurous activities like renting an island would be provided to travelers.

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