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Good stocks to invest in 2018

Good stocks to invest in 2018

The new year is coming up. This means new potential stocks to invest in for investors.

If you are looking to improve your stock portfolio, here are some great investments to go for in 2018.

Keep in mind that these are only suggestions based on expert expectations for the next year. Keep in mind that investments can carry a bit of risk to them.

With that said, here are potential stocks to invest in 2018.

Reliance Capital

This company which is part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group fell down mainly because of poor sentiments regarding the indebtedness of Reliance Communications. It should be noted that the stocks for Reliance Capital still has a lot of value.

Reliance capital is responsible for an Asset Management Company (AMC) which manages Reliance Mutual Fund. It also manages a pension fund, offshore fund and exchange traded fund. All of this makes it have a high potential for growth.

Kaveri Seeds

This is another great option for investment. It is a very small equity capital stock with pretty much no debt on its books.

The company is fairly cash rich because it has ₹422 crores cash in hand by the end of Sept 30, 2017. It is important to know that Kaveri Seeds is the largest cotton seed maker in the country.

The company consistently gained market share in various states recently. Due to such good numbers, Kaveri seeds is looking optimistic.


Investing in this is like investing in crude oil. It is relatively safe as it is dependent on crude oil.

If the price of the crude oil stays low, then the company would be performing well. Recently, the stock fell from levels of ₹490 to ₹430.

This stock is also great for the huge dividend yields that it offers.

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