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Facts about Contactless Cards

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ICICI Bank launched contactless credit and debit cards recently. SBI also planned to introduce contactless debit cards for withdrawing small amounts from accounts. Before using the cards, know the functioning of the cards and the risks associated with them.

Contactless cards are operated through NFC (Near Field Communication). It is a technology that can be used by the devices via radio-frequency identification to establish contacts in vicinity. The minimum distance that is allowed to connect between the devices and NFC is 4 centimeters. The connection can be achieved through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Contactless cards are already used by people in some countries. They report certain risks with these cards. NFC technology is more prone to skimming attacks and can be hacked easily with free mobile apps. Cardholder’s identity can be stolen using the data on the card. According to a survey of a University, criminals can capture the data on contactless cards from a distance of up to 40 centimetres. This type of attack is known as eavesdropping attack. But, the contactless cards that are issued by ICICI Bank are reliant EMV chip technology which can counter eavesdropping attacks.

Experts say that these cards have multiple layers of security. Hence fraudsters cannot misuse them even if they steal the data from mobile apps. However, forensic experts say that fraudsters can use the data for identity theft with free skimming apps by making changes related to card with the bank.

In order to enhance security for these cards, card users can wrap their cards in an aluminum foil or in store in a steel case which prevents fraudsters in proximity to steal the information on the card using mobile apps. They should also be careful while using the cards for a transaction.

If used properly, contactless cards have many benefits. They provide convenient payment for the users. Verification process is simple and payment confirmation is faster than the payment with normal cards. There is no need to hand over the card to merchant at the petrol pump or hotel. No one can see the details of the card.

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