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Facts to check before buying gold

Facts to check before buying gold

Buying gold jewelry is one of the biggest traditions of India. It can be somewhat tricky to buy gold in India. There are some things you should remember before buying gold.

The prices

Get a good idea of gold prices at present. In fact it is a good idea to monitor the prices of gold for at least a fortnight. Observe the patterns and understand if the prices are going down. Make your purchase when you feel that the prices have reduced as much as possible.

The Karats

Before you buy gold, make sure you have the number of karats right. Karats are in the form of 22k or 24k. 22k gold means that 25 percent of it is mixed with other metals. Jewelry cannot be made with pure gold, so check if the jewelry is 22k.

The Jeweler

Make sure you buy gold from a jeweler who is genuine. A quick background research before you buy any jewelry from them can help you know much about the genuineness.


Hallmarked gold jewelry is a certificate that you must always check for. This ensures good practices in jewelry making. This will make sure that you will buy only genuine jewelry.

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