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Facts about Wedding insurance

Facts about Wedding insurance

Wedding is one of the most significant events and Indians spend huge amounts on wedding ceremonies.

Since hospitality is vital and the guest list is long, people feel it is essential to spend more money on the wedding event.

However, if any unforeseen things happen, then huge money will be wasted. For this, several banks and financial institutions like ICICI Lombard, Future Generali, Oriental Insurance, and Bajaj Allianz are offering wedding insurance.

Here are certain important things to know about wedding insurance:

  • Wedding insurance plans are customized plans to cover specific risks associated with the ceremony.
  • These policies cover the risk of natural calamities, fire accident, theft and accidental injury of a family member.
  • You can add-on additional cover for the losses to the property or life of guests, theft of jewellery or cash at home. Loss from the death or injury of a family member can also be opted for.
  • If the wedding ceremony is postponed for any reason, then the amount would not be refunded from venue providers, caterers etc. In such cases, a huge loss would be seen. Wedding insurance covers such risk.
  • The policy covers 24-hours prior to the onset of wedding-related events like Mehendi and Sangeet and ends on the next day of the event.
  • The policy does not cover financial damages due to call off of the wedding by the bride or groom.
  • All information that leads to losses of any kind should be disclosed to the insured, otherwise, the claim will be rejected.
  • The premium varies based on the coverage of risks and other factors like the venue of the ceremony and the number of guests attending the event.
  • The normal premium ranges from 0.5 and 2 per cent of the sum assured.
  • The wedding insurance is generally included in the expenses by the event planner.

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