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Export Business Ideas for aspirants

Export Business Ideas for aspirants

As the government supports exports, one can start an export business. There are many export business ideas and some of them need a low investment.

Here is a list of some export business for aspirants:

As India is one of the largest producers of vegetables like potatoes, onions, cabbage etc., you can start exporting vegetables to other countries. Besides, you won’t need a huge amount to start this business.

Coffee is one of the most widely exported product from India. Many countries like Italy, Germany, Russia, Spain, France etc. buy Indian coffee.

Sugar is another product that has huge demand in other countries like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran etc. Government supports sugar mills as well as exports of sugar. If you are registered with Directorate General of Foreign Trade, then exporting sugar is free.

Seafood and meat have huge demand. The demand for these products has been increasing across the globe. Indian beef has a good demand in other countries due to its quality. Hence, you can start exporting meat and seafood.

Many artisans in the country can make art pieces and decorative items. However, they lack exposure. Nowadays, many eCommerce websites like Amazon help artisans sell their artwork across the globe. If you have any such creativity, you can use these platforms to sell your artwork. Or you can provide a platform to artisans so that they can sell their handicrafts on that globally.

African countries need different medicines. You can export medicines to these counties. However, you have to become a legal distributor for this.

You can export spices to other countries without any huge investment. You can start it as a small-scale business.

India is the second-largest producer of cotton yarn in the world. Many western countries, Bangladesh, Korea, and Japan import it from India. So, you can start exporting cotton yarn to these countries.

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