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How to control your monthly expenses

How to control your monthly expenses

Controlling expenses is one of the best ways to save money. How much you earn does not count, but how much you save counts in times of emergencies.

If you do not save money, it does not matter even if you earn lakhs of rupees.

Here are some good ways to control your expenses:

Do not use car if you are travelling alone. It increases your fuel cost as well carbon emissions. Though, you think two wheeler journey is riskier for long rides, it saves your fuel costs.

Yet, many people these days prefer to commute in cars to avoid facing environment pollution.

If you are doing this, then at least try carpooling. Share your car ride with your colleagues who travel in the same route. This will help you save money.

Slash your mobile phone bills. Now, telephone companies are offering various packages to attract customers. Use the best package that fits your needs. If you have to use your phone for calls, then use unlimited calls package.

You have to pay a certain amount for it irrespective of the calls. Or if you rely on messages, use SMS packages that are offered at cheaper rates.

Control your electricity bills. 10 or 15 units of electricity usage might increase your monthly rate due to slabs. if you observe your electricity bill, you can find it. Often, people leave fans and lights on, even if there is nobody. Some forget to switch them off when they are not using them.

Minute things will accumulate into something big. So, do not neglect even the minute things. Saving electricity bill means you are saving your money as well as energy resources.

There are some other things which you have to focus to control your monthly expenses. Read about them in the next article.

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