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Cheapest shares for long term investment

Cheapest shares for long term investment

If you are looking to invest for long term, there are several shares that you can invest in. These shares are under ₹100.

Buying these shares and keeping them for about 2-3 years can give you great returns.

Before you buy these shares, it is important to know that stocks under ₹100 can be volatile. Do not invest all your money in them.

Just because you find a stock under 100 doesn’t mean you should buy them immediately. Wait for the right time to get them at the cheapest price possible.

Triveni Engineering

The prices of sugar is rising. Triveni Engineering is one of the biggest sugar manufacturers. Just by doing the math, you can tell that these shares have a high chance of profit. The company can report an EPS of ₹10 for FY 2017-18.

The stock comes at the price of ₹72. You can expect great profit from these if the sugar prices rise.

Andhra Bank

Those looking for investment in banking sector can go for Andhra Bank.

In the last few years, the bank’s shares have gone down to about ₹50. Many experts claim that these stocks will see improvement.

Chambal Fertlizers

This is a good stock to invest in because the government has put a lot of attention and emphasis on agriculture.

Stocks related to agriculture are expected to get a great boost. The current stock price is at ₹81.95.

South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank is also a great pick to invest in. These stocks are great for long term holding. SI Bank stocks are now at a price of about ₹21.

They can be bought with cheap investment. Holding these stocks for the next 2-3 years is expected to make profits because the banking sector is booming.

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