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Best ELSS to invest in the New Year

Best ELSS to invest in the New Year

ELSS or Equity Linked Savings Schemes are a popular choice of investment by many for the sake of their tax benefits under Sec 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Their quick returns make them viable for many investors.

In this New Year, you can also invest in these schemes and make a profit.

Read on to find out the best ELSS to invest this year.

Axis Long Term Equity

At present, this is the most popular ELSS in the country. The scheme has shown very good returns with a very low expense ratio.

The net asset value of the fund is ₹19.97 for the dividend plan and for the growth plan it is ₹30.53.

In three years, this scheme has shown almost 21 percent returns. This makes it great for long term investors as well.

Birla Sun Life Tax Relief

This scheme also maintained a great track record.

For the dividend scheme, the NAV is ₹22.64. The portfolio of this scheme mainly focuses on smaller size companies.

This fund also gave 21 percent returns in 3 years.

However, this fund can be called a bit volatile because of its focus on small companies.

It also has a higher expense ratio compared to Axis Long Term Equity.

Reliance Tax Saver Fund

This fund has the highest returns compared to the others. In the last three years, it generated almost 23 percent of returns.

The fund focuses mainly on large cap and mid cap stocks. It is also great for long term holding. In the last five years, its returns have been around 22 percent.

These three are the best ELSS for you to invest in 2017.

However, do keep in mind that ELSS are dependent on stock market.

This brings in the traditional element of risk involved with stock market.

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