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Save your tax with ELSS


As the financial year is going to end, tax payers seek several tax saving schemes to get benefit. There are many tax saving schemes. Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) is one such scheme which helps to get tax exempt under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. They have a lock-in period of three years hence there is a chance of achieving returns with them. However, there is no assured returns from these instruments unlike other tax saving instruments. Here are some ELSS schemes you can find for your tax saving benefits.

HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund (G)

HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund is considered one of the best performing funds based on last year returns. The Net Asset Value is Rs. 238.53.

DSPBR Tax Saver Fund-Reg (G)

This fund yielded nearly 55 percent return in the last year. The NAV of the fund is Rs.31.22.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Growth

This fund has achieved approximately 70 percent in the last year, and the three year returns of the fund is around 37 percent. The NAV of the fund is nearly Rs.29.22.

HSBC Tax Saver Eq Fund (G)

The fund has generated almost 54 percent in the last year. The NAV of the fund is around Rs.26.70.

Religare Invesco Tax Plan (G)

This fund has yielded nearly 56 percent returns in the last one year and 29 percent in the three years. It is considered as good investment with its constant returns.

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